Ishaku Endurance AKA Sanasi (born 8th December 1999) from Kaduna State (Chikun local government) is an up-and-coming young female music artist she has been making waves in the music industry. She started out as a singer-songwriter, composing her own music and lyrics and performing them at local venues. Her unique sound and passionate performances quickly caught the attention of music industry professionals and she was soon signed to Exclusive Beats Music Group (EXBMG) Record label.

Since then, Sanasi has released several singles like: Heart rhythm, One time, Make me, London bridge, all of which have been met with critical acclaim. Her music has been featured on radio stations, playlists, and streaming services, and her fan base has grown steadily.
Sanasi has also performed at several festivals and concerts, and has been featured in several major music publications.
Sanasi’s music is a mix of Afro soul, RnB, Afro fusion, Afroswing, and her lyrics are honest, heartfelt, and often toneful. She has a knack for capturing the emotions of her listeners, and her live performances are always full of energy and emotion. With her talent and ambition, Sanasi is sure to have a long and successful career in the music industry.